Did you know?

The DCC Dungeons

 The first questions is ‘What?’ And the second question is ‘Why?’  

Flat Styles

Guest rooms, studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or four bedroom?

Du Cane Court Views

Du Cane Court views

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The Service Lift

 Open to residents
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 4pm 

The Secret Garden

A little gem hidden within the grounds of Du Cane Court

Red Carpet

Not just for the Queen but now for 

Du Cane Court

Entry Phones

Entry Phones at Du Cane Court

There is a ‘block within a block’ at 

Du Cane Court.

The Basement Rooms

The Du Cane Court basement
store rooms, spooky at the best of times!

Telephone Boxes

 The Du Cane Court Telephone Boxes, have you noticed them?

The 8th floor

Not many residents know that Du Cane Court has an 8th floor too..

Du Cane Court in 1937

What were the prices and rises in 1937?