The Service Lift

The Service Lift

Open to residents
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 4pm

 If you need to park in the tradesman area then ask for the key to the red & white barrier from reception and you can park your car/van there to unload. 

 The service lift door is quite heavy and please make sure you close it correctly behind you to enable other users to access between your trips.
Reception do allow you to use their sack trolley to move items to your flat. 

 Warning: It does get very busy at the gate at 8am when the trades people arrive so best to avoid this time. 

If they are carrying out work in your flat can park here free of charge must they must sign in at reception and leave their vehicle details. Any workmen must adhere to the Du Cane Cane working times as displayed on this sign.